Shearwater Perdix Review

If you’re an avid diver, then the chances are that you have heard about the latest release from Shearwater of the new Perdix AI dive computer. So what’s all the hype about ?

AI stands for air integration. The new Perdix can communicate with two transmitters at a time for pressure and remaining gas time readings. While Shearwater sell their own, Aqualung or Oceanic transmitters also work fine.

The Perdix offers divers a high resolution full time, colour LCD 2.2″ display which compensates for ambient light so in low light it will dim preventing glare and in sunlight. Two soft press buttons on the side a robust and well build casing provide interface to the operating system which remains the same as the Perdix (without AI) which many divers will be familiar with. The computer is molded and streamlined to sit well on the arm and has an integrated bungee mount giving a secure fit even when your wetsuit is being compressed at depth.

A recretional mode offers a simplified 3 nitrox mix user interface with a technical mode providing a full blow 5 gas trimix computer with customisable display. For rebreather divers a fixed PO2 mode offers tracking offboard. Finally a gauge mode with stopwatch rounds off the options for the underwater experience.

Shearwater has long been regarded as the king of technical level computers or those seeking an advanced computer that will grow with the diver and this new version will likely not disappoint.

With it’s recreational mode and new air integration, the Perdix steals the crown for any diver as their first computer, or their last.

The Verdict

The Perdix AI offers a fantastic form factor, long battery life, and you can add transmitters. The software and case is the same as the Perdix, just with the AI functionality.

The integration of a bungee mount adds to the ergonomics of wearing the computer which will sit better in the arm when coupled with the streamlining of the case.

Existing users of the Perdix will find little to write home about here. The addition of the AI functionality is simply wonderful and rounds out the Shearwater as being near perfect.

Rebreather divers seeking an external monitoring varient will be disappointed as there isn’t one, likely due to the lack of real estate to actually place a cable into the housing. But it has fixed PO2 and can monitor 2 transmitters at a time – your dil and O2!

Should you buy one ? If you are in the market for a new dive computer then absolutely as there is little else which ticks all the boxes in the way Shearwater does.

Will I be upgrading from my current Perdix to a Perdix AI ? Yup – you bet.

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