It is a requirement of Standards Australia that scuba cylinder testing be conducted. Each tank must be visually inspected and undergo a hydrostatic test every twelve months, this way the integrity of your dive cylinder can be maintained.

All cylinders for use in storage or filling of breathing air come under a particular Australian Standard and as such should be tested to the applicable standard, i.e., AS 2030.5 – 2009. This standard specifies requirements for the approval, filling, handling, inspection, testing, storage, inspection, maintenance and transportation of refillable gas cylinders.

When you present your cylinder for filling, it will have to pass all requirements before it can be accepted for refilling including proper labelling for the gas to be used, such as NITROX.

We visually inspect & hydro test for both the diving industry and members of the public with privately owned cylinders. Additionally we can prepare your cylinder for Nitrox, Oxygen or Trimix use.

All of our work is carried out directly by us on site. We do not contact out like many dive centers who offer hydro servicing.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to test my tank ?

We prefer not to rush the inspection and cleaning of your cylinder. We suggest that you allow 5 working days and whilst we will always endevour to have it done as quickly as possible, this means that you allow time for any work we need to do on it.

How much does it cost to test ?

A standard hydrostatic test and refill with hyper filtered clean air is $88. Additional costs apply for nitrox cleaning, stickers, twinset disassembly and reassembly, derusting and any unexpected costs. We’ll keep you fully informed should your tank need work and keep you advised before any costs are incurred.

Can I courier a tank ?

Most couriers are happy to take cylinders with a label affixed to the tank neck. You should check with your courier company as to any pre-requisites  for shipment, such as emptying the tank before sending. Be sure to affix labels so we have your contact details and can contact you.