SDI Open Water Diver Course

So, you’ve finally made the decision to learn to dive ! You’ll need an Open Water Diver course. This earns you a certification that never expires and you’ll be qualified to dive anywhere in the world be it on holiday or closer to home.

At Dive Dive Dive we a few different course options to suit your budget and time.

Our usual course is offered over two weekends for a total of four days. Your training starts with online learning at your own pace. Of course, for those people who prefer books we have those available. 

You’ll spend your time with your instructor in the pool learning skills before heading to open water with a mix of shore diving and boat diving, giving you experience in both types of diving that you might find around the world.

The waters in South East Queensland offer fantastic opportunities to dive in blue water and maine life which divers from around the world come to see.


Our SDI Open Water course is $800. This includes all materials, certification fees, boat dives and gear rental. Fully inclusive, you need not worry about paying anything else.

We encourage divers to consider owning their own mask, fins and perhaps wetsuit as this increases personal comfort tremendously. However it is not essential and your course includes rental of these.

We also offer bespoke private courses for two people. With your own personal instructor, you’re able to create a personal schedule. Speak to us about the cost of this bespoke option.

Do I Need a Diving Medical ?

In most cases no. You’ll be asked to complete the RSTC Diving medical form and as long as you can say no to the questions or we have no obvious concerns then you’re good to go. If you need a medical to make sure you’re fit to dive, we can recommend doctors. This isn’t included in our course price. Any questions just ask !

Is my SDI Open Water Diver Certification recognised everywhere ?

Yes indeed. Scuba Diving International (SDI) is one of the major training agencies in the world and a member of the world recreational training council. Other members include SSI & PADI. This ensures that your certification is recognised around the globe and is interchangeable, meaning you are not tied into one agency should you choose to take another course later on.

What Next

Simply give us a call or email us and we’ll take it from there and make sure all  your questions are answered. We’ll have you in the water in no time at all !

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