We try to keep gas costs as simple as possible for divers whilst providing high quality assured gas. Aside from independent tests of our air every 3 months, we are the only store in Brisbane to have a permanent in-line carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring system.

We have stock of medical oxygen, helium and the largest selection of tanks in South East Queensland ready for hire both steel and aluminium in multiple sizes.

Rebreather divers are fully catered for with 2, 3 & 4 litre cylinders sets available for rent in a variety of valve set ups. Sidemount Diver ? No worries. Full range of ally and steel tanks with opposing valves ready to hire.

We have large capacity booster systems and our compressor set up with capable of 60 cubic feet per minute with our four compressors  –  Dual CompAir 5049, CompAir 5046E & Bauer K14

We store 140,000 litres of clean banked air. Brisbane’s largest scuba diving gas set up.

Independant third party test certificate

It’s impossible for us to list our complete range of services. Safe to say, if you have a diving gas requirement, we’re able to help. Just contact us.

Why monitor for Carbon Monoxide ?

This gas is odourless, tasteless and is a potentially lethal hazard to divers breathing high concentrations. The introduction of CO gas into a tank can be caused by a compressor intake being close to the exhaust of a running engine, or compressor failure. As a leading technical facility, we take no chances with our customer safety and this device is permanently monitoring our system.