Located conveniently near the Gold Coast and with Queensland being the home of the Great Barrier Reef, we’ve been proud to be associated with many productions as diving consultants, from blockbuster movies to documentaries to unglamorous but yet rewarding research support, search and recovery.

We’re regularly asked to service equipment which is beyond the normal scope of average sport scuba technicians. Sometimes we’re simply asked for our expert knowledge to discuss a project, provide safety divers or help achieve workplace health & safety policy in underwater environments.

We’ve worked on the James Cameron cave diving action adventure, Sanctum. With our own Jason Blackwell and John Garvin leading the water unit dive instruction shot on both the Gold Coast at studios and using real caves at Mount Gambier in South Australia, we not only had to train divers, provide support to the dive unit, but re-engineer dive gear which more suited the cinematography requirements.

Over the years we’ve worked on a large number of projects, from small to large and are able to deploy a large amount of support equipment at very short notice from scuba cylinders to rebreathers and all the boating support small or large.

From broad large projects such as movie unit assistance to commercial operations, we have the professional experience.

Shark Size Matters
Mako Mermaids
H2O Just Add Water
Reef Doctors
San Andres
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Shallows
Safe Harbour


Legand of Sun and Moon

Black Water Abyss

Great White

Thirteen Lives

The Reef – Stalked

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and some we are not allowed to talk about. 

Some of our portfolio