The SDI Deep Diver is a program that gives you the training to dive deeper up to 40m. Perfect for Open Water Divers limited to shallower depth. We recommend this course rather than an Advanced Open Water or Advanced Adventurer as the next step for a new diver.

Completed over one weekend or two days, you’ll spend time with your instructor learning about the effects of depth and strategies to plan your dives safely and possible equipment considerations.

Two ocean boat dives will take you to new depths.

What’s in it for you ?

A Certification as a Deep Diver which allows you to dive up to 40m

Who can take this course ?

You should be a minimum of an Open Water Diver and be 18 years old. If younger you will need parental consent.

How much does it cost ?

$650 including materials, dives and equipment rental

Anything else I should know ?

You should consider combining this with the SDI Computer Nitrox Course. Nitrox enables divers to have longer no decompression limits which is perfect for dives in the 30m range. The upgrade costs another $100 when run in combination.