The Innerspace Systems Corp Megalodon, often referred to as the Meg, is a top level expedition grade rebreather which has garnered a reputation among advanced divers as being one of the best in the world.

We are pleased to be one of the only full time training facilities offering Meg courses in Australia from entry level through to onward training pathways at all levels through our unique partnership with Blue Label Diving, the technical diving specialists. We can also assist you in the purchase of a new Megalodon which can only be facilitated by an instructor or help source a second hand unit.

MEG 15 CCR TRAININGThe Entry Level Course

Training is offered through TDI Air Diluent Diver or IART Level I course and conducted over a minimum of 6 days. There is no crossover course offered for the Meg unless divers are crossing from an ISC Pathfinder unit.

A typical training schedule :

  • Day 1 – Classroom Theory
  • Day 2 – Gear Workshop and Pool Training
  • Day 3 – Open Water Dives 1 & 2
  • Day 4 – Open Water Dives 3 & 4
  • Day 5 – Open Water Dives 5 & 6
  • Day 6 – Final open water dives & exams

Most training is conducted usually one on one but with a maximum of two students with ISC Meg instructor Daren Marshall. It is usually possible to structure a flexible course schedule (weather permitting).


Costs are payable in advance at the start of the course. We do not cut corners on your training and try to be as upfront with the costs as possible with no hidden extras.

  • Training Fee $2,200
  • Boat Dive Costs estimated at $500
  • Manuals and Certification $100

Students will also need to purchase their sorb, oxygen and other consumables for the course as needed. We don’t offer cheap courses with poor outcomes and believe that when your life is potentially on the line, there is no substitute for good quality high end training from some of the most experienced rebreather instructors in the country. Our students leave our training being able to confidently dive, maintain and enjoy their rebreather.

What you will need

A fully working Megalodon 2.5/2.7 or 15 rebreather. Where a student is considering purchasing of a second hand Meg then you are strongly advised to contact us first well ahead of training so we can estimate the costs of bringing the unit into service and source any necessary spare parts. Training can only start once a unit has been brought into manufacturers specifications. Service costs are not included as a part of your course.

We do not rent CCRs for ISC Courses. The factory expectation is that you have access to your own rebreather.

For further questions on Megalodon CCR training or purchase then contact us and we’re happy to chat informally through your options. We understand that buying a rebreather is a very large financial commitment and we can arrange try dives and spend time to talk through the options which are suitable to you.

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