We’ve been proud to stand behind Dive Rite from the start in Australia as one of the leading expedition and sport diver brands available today. Unparalleled in quality, customer support and price, we import directly from Florida, USA and bring the entire Dive Rite catalogue to Australia at prices matched to buying overseas.

Dive Rite’s history lies with the early cave divers in Florida and evolved as equipment needed to undertake some of the worlds most demanding diving. Now available to recreational sport divers, technical divers, rebreather divers and just about any sort of diver, Dive Rite equipment leads the way in terms of quality, innovation and customer service.

We think there is a diving solution for your from the Dive Rite range. From the single tank warm water diver to the hardcore technical diver, the rig exists for you.

Here at Dive Dive Dive we take the core principals of Dive Rite to heart and promise that :

  • The gear we sell is competitively priced and you won’t pay more to shop in Australia rather than overseas.
  • We offer honest advice as to gear choice by professional technical instructors not sales people.
  • You’ll receive full Australian Warranty Support and back up.
  • Dive Rite XT Harnesses and XT Wings receive limited lifetime warranties – how does the competition stack up ?
  • Get advanced guidance from experienced technical instructors and instructor trainers who have been advanced diving for decades. We want you to buy the gear that you will own for years and never outgrow where ever your diving takes you.

We’d love to be able to help you with your next scuba purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any training or equipment requirements. Better still, why not start shopping on line right here ? We always hold stock ready to get to you in the fastest time.